Easy home improvements to make your rental more appealing

With holiday rental websites such as Home and Away offering more than two million places to stay in 190 countries, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your holiday rental stands out from the crowd. As the saying goes ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression.’

Whether you are a full-time ‘super host’ or occasionally rent out your property, try these simple, cost-effective ideas to help ensure that new and old guests visit all year round.

Offer convenient access

After a long, stressful journey the last thing guests want is to wait around for the host to let them into the property. Investing in a smart lock provides guests with keyless, 24/7 access, allowing guests to check-in with a code when it’s convenient to them.

Codelocks NetCode is a smart way to generate time-sensitive codes that allows guests and cleaners temporary access via code, card or invitation through SMS. Ideal for guests with hectic lives who need flexibility when checking in, hosts can simply create a code to be set for specific dates, time and durations. Eliminating the inconvenience of unsociable meet and greets or late-night disturbances if keys get misplaced.

Smart locks also help minimise the amount of time a property is unoccupied as cleaners can gain immediate access with their own unique code, preparing the rental for new guests on the same day.

Upgrade security

Providing your guests with a safe place to store their valuables helps to give peace of mind when leaving their belongings in your property. The cost-effective, sleek Nano90 provides simple, keyless access and can easily be fitted to furniture cupboards and drawers. For hosts who manage large quantities of properties, the KitLock range offers simple code or card access and is perfect for rentals that offer onsite facilities such as gyms, tennis courts and swimming pools.

Treat your guests to unexpected extras

If your rental property has a hot tub, cinema room or tennis court, surprise your guests by offering them 24/7 access. Securing your facilities with an electronic lock gives guests the option to use your amenities as and when they like, without having to contact the host. Code free access mode can also be activated which removes the hassle of unlocking doors if free access is required.

Enhance outside spaces

If guests see that you have taken extra steps to ensure that the property is protected outside, they will feel a great sense of security inside too, offering great comfort, especially for families. Fitting a mechanical lock to sheds and gates helps to save time and money, as you remove the risk of having to replace and cut new keys. Mechanical locks are robust and ideal for constant use. Weather covers help to ensure that the finish and operation of locks are maintained even against the harshest environments.

Create a safe space

If disaster strikes you want to be sure that your guests have the best chance of surviving a fire. Codelocks FireKits are designed to prevent smoke escaping and flames spreading, providing latch locks with 30- or 60-minutes fire protection, which allows people more time to safely evacuate the property.

Smarten up

Lifestyle Serviced Apartments (LSA) is a property letting specialist who manage properties on behalf of landlords and other agents. Find out how LSA secures its properties without hindering the check-in process for guests. Read the case study.

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