Our gift to you

With so many products on the market, it’s difficult to decide which lock is right for your access control needs.

So, to make your life easier we have put together a simple guide to help you decide which product best suits your requirements. Whether you’re a building manager, holiday home owner, locksmith or looking for access control in your home, we have a lock suitable for you.


For the holiday home owner…

Simple to install, property owners can programme, operate and manage smart locks directly through their smartphones. Using a traditional keypad and card access, holiday home owners can generate temporary codes, giving them full control and flexibility over guest arrival times and departures.

Find out how Heather’s smart lock gifted her a stress-free Christmas.


For the site foreman…

Perfect for electricians, engineers and construction workers, mechanical coded locks are ideal for any environment where large volumes of staff or visitors need round-the-clock access. The heavy-duty design of mechanical locks eliminates the hassle of managing multiple keys and helps to protect sites from theft.

Discover how a mechanical lock can secure your construction site.


For the healthcare facility manager…

Codelocks electronic locks provide maximum safety and security for patients, staff and equipment. Coded access eliminates keys from ending up in the wrong hands. Smart locks feature audit trail allowing staff to track and control access.

Take a look at how you can maximise safety and security all year round like University Hospital Southampton.


For the venue manager or community hall caretaker…

Offering flexibility and convenience, the CL5510 smart lock allows managers and caretakers to choose the most suitable access method via code, card and phone. Locks can be programmed to generate and send entry codes, giving personalised access for regular visitors, and time-specific access for those hiring venues.

See how the CL5510 helped three venues grow their businesses.


For the hotel or leisure facility manager…

The KL1000 is ideal for recreational facilities that give users flexible access to their belongings without having to worry about keys. The KitLock locker lock offers immediate, simple, keypad access and operates with a single user code.

Discover why AirHop trampoline park love their KL1000.


For the office manager…

Always asking Timpson’s for a new set of keys? Smart Locks provide multiple entry methods for multi-occupancy buildings. All you need is a code, card or a phone. And the lock can be retrofitted to any existing door.

Take a look at why Resonates added the CL5520 to their wish list.


For the headteacher…

The CL4510 smart keyless lock provides a simple and cost-effective solution for the education sector. The robust design allows authorised teachers to simply manage access permissions by setting up individual access codes, perfect for when the building needs to be accessed during the holidays.

Take a look at how Rush Common School enjoy disturbance-free holidays.


For the homeowner…

If you are looking for a cost-effective, easy to install and low maintenance day-to-day lock, our range of mechanical locks are suitable for garage doors, sheds and gates. The mechanical lock can be used by delivery drivers too so gifts for your friends and family can be delivered to a safe place when you are not around.

Relax this Christmas by ensuring that your packages and property is secure.


For locksmiths…

Since 2012, we have offered free, practical, hands-on training sessions for locksmiths. The sessions provide tips for servicing and programming, installation advice and help further develop your knowledge of access control. If you attend our training, you will also be added to our directory of locksmiths.

Make us your New Year’s resolution! Register your interest here for 2019 training sessions.


For health and safety managers…

Codelocks Fire Kits are designed to give additional protection to the lock on your door. Installation is easy and can be fitted to most new and existing Codelocks mechanical and electronic latch locks. Smart Latch locks require an update pack.

Complete your 5-Step-Check before you leave for Christmas.

Now you know which lock is perfect for you, place your order today. Or if you need a little more help, contact the Codelocks customer service team who will be more than happy to assist you.

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