Let’s get physical and see KitLock in action

Lots of our customers are gym, fitness and leisure club owners and managers. Why?Because our KitLock locker locks make their jobs easier.

Recreational facilities must offer its members a place to leave their belongings that’s easy to access and secure. But what happens when padlocks are left on lockers, or the locker mechanism breaks or club members don’t have the correct change to access lockers?

If these challenges sound familiar, then stop wasting time and resources. You are ready for an upgrade to a KitLock locker lock.

Go codeless. Go keyless.

The KL1050 is a simple smart card lock – the ideal solution for those wanting to offer fitness enthusiasts a codeless alternative. For those preferring code to card entry, then the KL1000 is for you. This locker lock gives the user immediate, simple, keypad access without the need for cards and keys.

KitLock locker locks give your members and visitors flexible access and they no longer have to worry about:

  • taking a key to their class or gym session
  • having the correct money to store belongings
  • remembering a code
  • losing their key

These clever little locks conveniently offer two distinct functions. Private Function is designed for single use: up to 50 individual smart User Cards can be registered to lock and unlock the KL1050, whilst an individual will repeatedly use his/her unique code to access the KL1000.

Alternatively, Public Function can be utilised when the lock needs to be left unlocked. It can be used by multiple users who, with their smart cards, have the ability to leave the KL1050 unlocked for the next compatible smart card to be used.

Similarly, when the KL1000 is in Public Function, users enter their personal code just once before its automatically erased and ready for the next new user. As Public Function is suitable for use in short-term multiple occupancy applications, it’s highly appropriate for leisure centres, changing rooms and gyms.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your facilities lockers or install new locks on cabinets to protect your customer data, both of these KitLocks are quick and easy to fit with minimal disruption. They can also be retrofitted onto existing furniture.

The perfect balance

triyoga provide their members with a tranquil environment without the inconvenience of carrying locker keys and coins. James Cannon, facilities manager at triyoga commented on the KitLock and how it has transformed their business:

“We design our centres to be slick, beautiful and at the top of their game, whilst also offering comfort and convenience. The KitLock from Codelocks has allowed us to ensure that this aesthetic goes beyond the studios and treatment rooms and into the changing rooms, much more in keeping with the quality expected from our centres.”

It’s time to refuel

Both the KL1050 and KL1000 KitLock locker locks can perform up to 15,000 openings on just two AAA batteries. Club managers can perform a quick and easy operation to see how much battery power remains too. As it is not a wired in solution, it saves money on your building’s energy bill.

Quite simply, the KL1050 and KL1000 offer convenient solutions for busy recreational facilities who require enhanced security and want to grant their club members a better customer experience. If you’re looking for a locker lock update without the hassle of installing new furniture, then look no further, you can order your KitLocks online here.

Codelocks at Elevate 2018

Calling all gym, sports, spa and leisure centre managers…

If you would like to find out more, you can come and see the KitLock KL1050 and KL1000 locks for yourself. From 9-10th May, Codelocks will be exhibiting at Elevate (stand H12), the UK’s largest fitness and physical activity trade show. The exhibition, held at ExCeL London, will showcase thousands of the latest products and innovations and will feature over two hundred experts sharing their knowledge on all things fitness.

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