Give customers the luxury of self-service with time-sensitive smart locks

Set in leafy Oxfordshire, Loyd Lindsay Rooms is a unique venue offering event facilities. From board meetings to conferences, birthdays to weddings, the staff pride themselves by offering the highest level of personal service from start to finish.

The event team wanted the venue to be self-service and available to hire for allotted time slots, 24/7 – without their caretaker having to continuously visit the venue to open and lock up. Ideally, clients would let themselves in and out of the venue unaided. The team wanted to make its clients’ experience the best it could be.

Following a recommendation from lock manufacturer, JPriest & Son, Loyd Lindsay Rooms decided that a Codelocks CL5510 smart lock would meet its needs.

It ticked all the boxes:

  • Enabled self-service
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Secure

“The Codelocks system has allowed me to set up specific codes for individual clients to give them access to the venue without our caretaker being present.” – Karen Smith, manager.

Loyd Lindsay Rooms clients now have the luxury of choosing their most suitable entry method, whether it be phone, code or card. Personalised codes are sent to users via email or SMS for self-service access at a time that pleases them. The code is then automatically erased when the client has finished using the venue.

For ultimate flexibility, Karen and the event team can manage all aspects of the lock remotely using a smartphone, including an audit trail. They can download and view the data to track people entering and leaving.

For Loyd Lindsay Rooms, the major benefit of the smart lock is financial. Remote access means that they don’t have to pay their caretaker to open and lock up after every client. It also provides an extra layer of security.

Speaking of the success the lock has brought the venue, Karen stated: “The feedback from our clients has been positive as, with a time-sensitive entry code, they now know that they will not be interrupted by people just walking into the venue.”

With the CL5510, access control has never been so convenient.


To read the full case study, click here. To watch the video, click here.


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