How to choose the right lock for your business

The array of different lock options can be confusing. With a variety of products to choose from, how do you know what locks you should use for your school, office, warehouse, garage, leisure centre, shop or house? You may want different types of lock for external doors, internal doors, and cabinets, or you might require specific lock specifications for insurance purposes or to meet building regulations. Read on for Codelocks’ guide to choosing the correct lock for your needs.

The Smart Lock

Smart locks are the best choice if you own a space that you book out for specific time periods and would like to be able to manage the locks remotely.

Utilising wireless technology, Codelocks’ smart locks are managed remotely via the K3 Connect App on a compatible smartphone, whether this involves updating basic settings, generating and sending access codes, or viewing audit trail information. Unique codes can be created with a specific start date and time, so that they automatically expire after a set duration. The codes are sent to individuals via SMS or email and recorded via the audit trail function, allowing entry to be tightly controlled and monitored.

The key benefits of installing smart locks:

  • Reduces staff overheads – no need to pay staff to manage access onsite
  • Enhances security – the audit trail feature enables full visibility of access and eliminates risk of key cloning
  • Minimises maintenance costs – no need to replace keys
  • Increases customer service and satisfaction – buildings can be used for longer time periods and during unsociable hours
  • Generates additional profit – choice of flexible entry and exit options
  • Frees up time to focus on business growth – no need to attend site to manage access

Buildings that individuals and groups wish to use for set time periods, which would benefit from smart locks, include:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Home rentals
  • Training centres
  • Village halls
  • Music studios
  • School Buildings (cleaning staff, rental of facilities + code free access settings for breaktimes)

The founders of Pirate Studios, an innovative music studio rental start-up, were able to fulfil its business model by using Codelocks’ CL5510 smart lock. It was looking for a solution that would allow musicians self-service access to recording studios at allotted times, eliminating the need for staff onsite and keeping studio hire costs down.

Watch the video to see how smart locks work harmoniously for Pirate Studios and its customers.


The Electronic Lock

Electronic coded locks are an ideal option for anyone looking to remove the hassle of storing, issuing and replacing keys. They are a quick and cost-effective way to upgrade from a mechanical lock.With Codelocks’ electronic locks, it is not necessary to remove lock from the door to change access codes. Instead, codes can be easily re-programmed via the keypad.

The more sophisticated electronic locks can also be programed via a USB stick or similar device, allowing specific programs and access codes to be created on a computer and uploaded to the lock. Electronic locks therefore enable codes to be changed much more frequently and conveniently than mechanical locks, increasing security and saving a significant amount of administrative hours.

Some common uses of electronic locks include:

  • Building entry points
  • Construction site entry points
  • Internal and external office doors
  • Cupboard doors

As well as a variety of other applications in the health, leisure and accommodation sectors.

The key benefits of electronic locks:

  • Increases staff productivity – administration time is saved
  • Enhances security – easily-changeable codes that can be monitored
  • Cost-effective lock maintenance – on-the-door code change
  • Minimises maintenance costs – no need to replace keys

Tigers Day Nurseries were able to improve the procedure for dropping-off and collecting children, whilst increasing security by installing Codelocks’ electronic locks. Before, staff had to run up and down stairs whenever the doorbell rang, and parents had to wait outside in all weathers.

Read the case study to see how this electronic lock solution made the school run easier for parents, staff and children at Tigers Day Nurseries.


The Mechanical Lock

Mechanical coded locks are the best option for those who want a simple coded lock that can be used in practically any building or sector where access is required by a large volume of staff or visitors.

As a coded lock, the locks remove the need to issue and replace keys. They can also be set in code-free mode, making them ideal for day to day access when punching in a code is not necessary, or when unhindered access is required for cleaning, maintenance and deliveries. The locks can be installed one door at a time, minimising disruption and offering a cost-effective alternative to expensive, complex hard-wired systems.

The main benefits of mechanical locks:

  • Cost-effective and easy to install, with less disruptions to staff and customers – standalone solution as opposed to hard-wired
  • Minimises maintenance costs – no need to replace keys
  • Increases staff productivity – eliminates the need to issue and manage keys and reduces the administration time programming locks
  • Enhances security – easily-changeable codes

A wide variety of buildings can benefit from straightforward mechanical coded locks, including:

  • Offices and homes
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Warehouses, garages and construction sites
  • Hospitals and care homes
  • Hotels and leisure facilities

The estates building maintenance team at University Hospital Southampton found that Codelocks’ CL500 mechanical handle locks are a convenient addition to their arsenal of access control products. They could not continue managing room keys and access cards on such a large scale, and a new network of hard-wired electronic locks was not possible due to cost and infrastructure issues.

Find out how the CL500 helped University Hospital Southampton overcome their access control issues in this case study.


The KitLock

KitLock is a digital keyless solution for lockers, cabinets and drawers, removing the need for keys, wristbands and coins.

It uses a four-digit code to secure lockers and cabinets, making it a stylish and convenient keypad alternative to old-fashioned locks and keys. It can be retrofitted quickly, replacing standard key cam locks, to ensure minimum disruption and maximum cost-effectiveness.

The lock can be programmed in either private or public mode, depending on user need.

  • Private function – the same code is used over and over again, perfect for when a locker or cabinet is regularly used by one person or by a small number of people.
  • Public function – offers a single-use code, that will lock and open once before being erased and remaining open until it is re-set by the next user. This is ideal for use when a locker is used for temporary periods by multiple people.

KitLock is ideal for:

  • Leisure industry – gyms, spas, and swimming pools
  • Solicitor and law firms, where confidential documents and data need to be protected
  • Estate agents and garages, when keys to other assets such as houses and cards need to be locked away

KitLock offers all the benefits of a coded door lock for smaller spaces that need a stylish solution.

  • Minimises maintenance costs – no need to replace keys
  • Provides a better customer experience – eliminates the need to carry and store keys or cards, wear wristbands or use coins
  • Enhances security – easily-changeable codes that can be monitored
  • Cost-effective lock maintenance – on-the-door code change

Watch the KitLock NANO90 in action.

Champneys Health Spa found that guests did not like wearing locker wristbands all day. Many were left in robe pockets and subsequently lost. Read this case study about how KitLocks improve the guest experience at Champneys.

Leading furniture designer Bisley experienced an increase in demand for lockable office furniture, but without the hassle of keys. The Director of Product Development searched for a keyless digital lock with the right combination and features, functionality, and style. Read the case study to find out which KitLock product was chosen, and why.


If you would like help finding the right solution for your access control challenge or further information on a specific lock, simply contact Codelocks’ dedicated customer service team.

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