Choosing the best locks for your school: A* access control solutions from Codelocks

Access control is essential in schools; not only to ensure the safety of staff and pupils, but also to protect equipment and allow ease of movement around the site. Achieving this balance between security and access is made simple with Codelocks’ wide range of digital keyless locks. Whether you would like to grant different levels of security to different people, set specific access period times, secure lockers, or monitor access to an entry door, our products can support this. With years of experience supplying the education sector, we can help you choose the right access control solution for your school, helping to create a safe and accessible school environment.


Codelocks digital lock with audit trail provides reassurance for Rush Common School

Rush Common School, Abingdon, chose Codelocks for their access control solution. The CL5010 lock with Audit Trail provides additional access protection to the main entry door, with no need for keys. It works in conjunction with the school’s existing locks and security measures.danny-latimer

Danny Latimer, Rush Common School’s site manager, said: “When I’m looking at providing additional access protection throughout the school, the last thing I need is more keys! It’s great because I can assign different codes for the cleaners, the after-school club and for contractors during the holidays. Once I’ve downloaded the audit trail data, I can see exactly who has been through the door and when. Because the lock registers incorrect code attempts, it’s reassuring to know that I can also see if anyone is trying to gain access when they shouldn’t be or if anyone is tampering with the lock.”


The introduction of the latest smart locks now provides schools and other educational establishments with new ways to control access. The recently-introduced Codelocks CL5510 smart lock offers flexible and convenient entry methods, whether that’s using a card, smartphone, or simple keypad code. There are no keys to keep track of, meaning that the caretaker’s unwieldy keyring can finally become a thing of the past! The CL5510 uses wireless technology to enable caretakers and site managers to manage and program the lock via a smartphone, as well as to generate and send entry codes remotely via SMS or email.

For staff who require regular temporary access, such as cleaners, you can easily issue a time-sensitive code for use on a certain day, or at certain times of the day. This function is also useful for providing access outside of school hours, when teachers may wish to work on marking and lesson planning, or when contractors need access during the summer holidays for routine maintenance. The lock comes with an audit trail facility which helps to monitor pupil, visitor and staff movement, since you can easily download a history of code or card use.

Time-limited codes can also enable the use of school premises to generate income, since you can hire out the space and control access to independent clubs and societies. Other advanced features, such as code-free entry, enables open access periods, convenient for break times, after school clubs, and fire drills.

Lockers and cabinets can also benefit from coded locks. The KitLock locker lock provides flexible access and removes the need for keys. Easily-generated codes mean that you can assign lockers to one person throughout the academic year, or, alternatively, to multiple people for short-term periods. The locks can be quickly retrofitted, reducing installation time and cost. The KitLock SMART range can be supported by smart cards and an additional tablet, making it quick and easy to control access to large numbers of lockers or cabinets. KitLock also offers a compact option, the NANO90 , which can be flush-fitted on smaller lockers, cabinets, desk drawers, or iPad trolleys, to secure valuable property.


In the past, one of the biggest challenges for people in charge of the school building was the time spent managing and changing access codes on keypad locks. While changing the code on a mechanical lock is fairly laborious – you have to remove the lock from the door – Codelocks’ electronic locks remove this problem by enabling codes to be downloaded from a computer. Wireless control on new smart locks takes the level of convenience a step further by allowing codes to be reprogrammed from an authorised smartphone.

With Codelocks, refurbing or upgrading your school’s locks does not have to be done over the holidays along with the majority of other building maintenance, although this is certainly possible. All of our locks are individually battery-powered and therefore standalone, rather than part of a complicated wired system. This means that they can be fitted during term time with minimal disruption to lessons.


Codelocks ensures a smooth drop-off and collection procedure at Tiger’s Day Nursery

Tiger’s Day Nursery, Thatcham, needed to simplify the hectic periods when parents dropped off and collected their children. Before they went keyless with Codelocks, a member of staff was constantly having to leave the room to answer the main door to parents and service visitors. Now, with coded locks securing all of the internal doors, the main door can be left unlocked during the day, so that parents can come straight into the building to wait outside the rooms.

Coded keypad locks have enabled the nursery to provide convenient and simple access control, in line with security procedures. Nursery Manager Nicola Barkhouse was so impressed with our solution that she went on to choose Codelocks’ products for use on all of the staff room and office doors.


If you would like to discuss the best access control solution for your school, college, or university, contact Codelocks by calling +44 (0) 1635 239 645 or emailing

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